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Positive Money Masterclass

7 Principles of Positive  Money @ Work

Learn about the powerful 7 Principles of Positive Money and how you can use them to reduce financial stress, navigate challenging money conversations,  and find
ease and flow in your relationship with money.

Wednesday, 19 April 2023
11:00 AM EDT

Jumpstart the Power of Positive Money

Why wait to get started building a relationship with money that feels good and leads to positive results? In this masterclass, you'll experience the power of Positive Money and come away with:

Deeper understanding of how the 7 Principles work

We'll explore the 7 Principles of Positive Money, where they show up in your life today, and how to apply them with greater intention and results.

Practical applications for Positive Money at home and at work

I will review an example of Positive Money at work that you can use at home or at work to build your mental fitness around money.

Your own Positive Money workbook

Participants will be given their own workbook with exercises from the Positive Money book. 

Meet others on a similar path

Our relationship with money can feel uncomfortable. We think we should have it all together when most of us don't in one form or another. We may find money easy to manage but use it in ways that are unhealthy. We might work hard to earn more but never seem to get ahead.

Meet others with similar challenges. We ALL want a positive relationship with money so lets support one another on this journey.