A rich life starts with a sage perspective.

Ready to sleep better at night knowing
your money has your back?

Catch those sneaky saboteurs that keep you up at night
and learn how to use the powerful practices of mental fitness
to help you and your team or family thrive. 

The 8 Week Positive Money Program is a foundational program for all coaching clients.
When you join, you earn access to weekly live coaching, the Positive Intelligence® app and teachings, and daily prompts for building and measuring your mental fitness.

 "Cindy was a terrific leader and coach. She was very knowledgeable about the program; led us with with skill, patience, and flexibility; and was very responsive to all our questions. I feel that I learned a lot about myself during the workshop, and developed a good understanding of the "saboteurs" that can cause unhappiness and the techniques that can lead to more positive thinking and feeling. I think that just about everyone could benefit from a program like this.

A. Abramson
Director, Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Policy

Artwork from Positive Intelligence website.

The Positive Money Program

Understand the deeper drivers of your behavior and build your mental fitness muscles in this 8 week program built around the world renown Positive Intelligence® training and app. (See more below.)

Focus on one major money challenge and get the support you need to overcome it.

Take the program on your own or with a pod or small group with weekly check-ins and coaching with Cindy.

Enjoy a full year of daily prompts and mental fitness training via the Positive Intelligence® app as you find ease and flow.

Add additional coaching hours as needed.

Become an official member of the Positive Money Club once complete.

Review program elements below.

Start with a FREE Saboteur Assessment.

 "After one Money Date with Cindy, my relationship with money radically changed. Through exploration of old experiences around money, I was able to uncover a story of responsibility that I had been carrying with me since I was 8 years old. Recognizing this story and being able to give myself permission to release the responsibility, has supported me in healing my money story. I strongly recommend working with Cindy as a money coach!

Leah Lovelight Michael

 "I learned so much during this program in a very short amount of time, including how to understand my reactions to situations in a non-judgmental way; how to anticipate likely reactions I might have and head off unhelpful reactions before they happen, and how to build up the mental muscles to more quickly and consistently choose my reactions in a more sage way.

Jennifer S. 

Ready to transform your relationship to money today?

  • Includes Positive Intelligence┬« course, annual subscription to PQ app, 8 weekly coaching sessions with Cindy. 
  • Weekly commitment is about 3 hours including 1 hour of lesson video, 15 minutes per day of "PQ" exercises, and 50 minute coaching session.
  • Qualify for individual coaching package and discounts on future Positive Money Club offers. 
  • Save $2K by purchasing all in this one bundle! 

Not sure?

I get it. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to investing your time and money in your own professional development. If you aren't sure where to start, please complete this simple survey that includes a link to a FREE discovery call with Cindy.