Positive Money Coaching helps us find ease and flow in our relationship to money.

Tough money conversations are rarely about money. They are about guilt, shame, self-worth, boundaries, values, and not being clear about what we want and need. Positive Money Coaching teaches the principles of mental fitness and offers a safe and compassionate space to set and achieve our financial goals.

Individual and Group Options

Money Dates

Transform your relationship to money starting with a "Money Date. These 90 minute online group sessions teach the basics of effective money dates for individuals or teams. 

Positive Money Program

Gain insight, motivation, and a structure that will transform your relationship to money.  This 8 week bootcamp includes 6 weeks of mental fitness training that sets us up for success in addressing a money challenge.

Money Saboteurs
What they are and how to quiet them.

Learn how we self-sabotage around money and strategies for working with them rather than against you. This 3- hour workshop is an excellent next step from a money date and recommended if considering the Positive Money Program.

 "I am not a financial advisor, planner, or in any way certified to advise on
finances. Instead, I help clients identify patterns of thinking and behaving that bring us back to the same place over and over so we can create new patterns that serve us now and for generations to come. 

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Money Coach