I speak, write, and coach on mental fitness and money.

Money is a tough and complicated topic for so many.
• We don't talk about it.
• We experience shame, guilt, and stress around it.
• We think more money will make us happier.
• We measure our self-worth by our net worth.  
• We suffer at home and at work from scarcity thinking.
• We worry about our kids thriving.

It’s time to step up, speak up, and act up to address the financial insecurities we can impact. 

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe speaks, writes, and coaches individuals and companies on Positive Money. Learn more about her book here.

My Mission

As a parent of five, I'm deeply concerned about the financial health of our nation and the ability of our children to afford the life they expect and deserve. These times call us to step up and take action to help individuals, families, and communities have what they need to thrive.  

My Story

I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with four sisters and a blessed life of creativity and activity in the great outdoors. Our parents were well educated and believed in our potential, doing all they could to provide us with a good education and life skills.

When I moved to Washington, DC after college in the early 80's I married and started a family. Later, I got divorced and ended up living with and eventually marrying my partner of 21 years. Along the way, I always had a job and have been committed to life-long learning. However, being a mom, partner, and professional demanded compromise, especially around earning and spending. When I put motherhood at the top of the list, I needed to rely on my partners to carry the weight, leaving me feeling I was falling behind or not pulling my weight.

I've also struggled with imposter syndrome -- who am I -- plus the belief that being rich is "bad." Thankfully, after much coaching and mindset work of my own, I feel more free and comfortable in my relationship with money.

My Qualifications

I have a Masters in Education and Human Development from George Washington University. I am also a nationally certified counselor, a Certified Life and Recovery as well as Positive Intelligence® Coach and XChange Guide. In addition, I have over 30 years of experience as an educator, designer, and program manager working in the private, nonprofit and government sectors. Beyond coaching, I enjoy writing, speaking, and designing. 

 NOTE: I  am not a financial advisor, planner, or in any way certified to advise on finances. Instead, I help clients identify patterns of thinking and behaving that brings us back to the same place over and over, and then to take action that delivers different results.