Positive Money is about
living your rich life.

So why do we make it so hard for ourselves?

Hint. 🔥 Money Saboteurs 🔥

Is your relationship to money stressful, unproductive,  or just needing some love and attention? No shame.  Worried that you spend or penny pinch too much? You're not alone. Feeling financially vulnerable or uncomfortable around finances? I get it. 

The Positive Money Club is a safe space to build your financial fitness through resources and coaching for individuals and groups who recognize that a healthy relationship with money is the foundation for a rich life. 

The Positive Money Club is a safe space to address
limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you
from living your rich life.

Such as...

✔️ I should be more on top of my business financially.  
✔️ My net-worth is defined by my self-worth.
✔️ Someone else will take care of the money.
✔️ Money is stressful and complicated.  
✔️ I spend too much on things I don't really need.
✔️If I earn more others will resent it.
✔️ Having lots of money is greedy.
✔️ I want to charge more for my services but feel uncomfortable.
✔️ Asking for help around finances is embarrassing.

When we tie our self worth to our net worth we suffer along with our business, our family, and even our community. 

Upcoming coaching and training opportunities. ⬇️

The Positive Money Program
is an 8 week money mindset and mental fitness bootcamp for women entrepreneurs.*

This is an 8 week mental fitness bootcamp where we focus on one money challenge and learn basic principles and practices of Positive Intelligence® to face that challenge. *Required if you want individual business coaching. 

Positive Money Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

I work with women who want to have their greatest impact in the world through their business, family, and community. We start with learning from the Positive Money Program and then create a vision and practical steps for implementation starting with a Human Impact Framework. All new clients are required to attend the foundational Positive Money Program. Purchase together and save $500.