I speak, write, and coach on mental fitness and money.

Money is a tough and complicated topic for so many. We don't talk about it. We experience shame, guilt, and stress around not having enough.  We think more money will make us happier. We measure our self-worth by our net worth.  We suffer at home and at work from scarcity thinking. 

Let's change that. 

I help individuals and organizations thrive by addressing money mindset beliefs and behaviors that hold us back. Learn more.

Learn how to have productive money conversations with ease and flow. ❤️

We Need to Talk.

Talk about money is painful for many.
As parents, leaders, business owners, no matter our income level, we carry around shame, guilt, fear, and worry.
Stress is at an all time high with symptoms like substance use and
debt driving us to borrow against our future selves.
We are  $27 trillion in debt and counting.
More than one-third of parents are uncomfortable
discussing saving for college with their kids.*

It's time to step up, speak up,
and act up. 

As a money coach and parent of five, I'm deeply concerned about the financial health of our nation and the ability of our children to
afford the life they expect and deserve. These times call for leadership, resources, and action that helps individuals, families, and communities have what they need to thrive.  

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, M.Ed., NCC, PRC, CPRC has over 30 years of experience as an educator, designer, and coach. She speaks about leadership and money to youth and parent groups, and has been published internationally. She is also the founder of Pizza Money Camp, teaching kids about money and parents how to raise money-smart kids.